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Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ Honing Kit

Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ Honing Kit

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The Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ System is designed to work with Work Sharp™ Models WS2000 and WS3000. The Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ Honing Kit comes with the pressure sensitive adhesive Magna-Disc™, an extra-fine (9 micron) diamond disc and a 3 micron diamond compound in a 2 gram syringe to be used with the accompanying cloth disc. The diamond discs will outlast any conventional paper abrasive discs by more than 50-to-1. Utilizing the Magna-Disc™, allows quick and easy grit changes versus messy peel and stick paper discs. Also, unlike paper discs, there is no danger of ruining the temper of tools from overheating. The Dia-Sharp® Magna-Disc™ System conducts heat away from the tool and will not generate any sparks. This is cooler and safer. For proper tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products. Made in USA.

  • Long lasting - more than 50 to 1 over paper abrasive discs
  • Extra-Fine diamond disc to polish and refine to a razor edge and 3 micron paste with fabric disc for a glossy polish edge refinement
  • Faster grit change - 15 seconds versus 2 minutes for paper abrasive discs
  • Maintain constant tool contact without fear of heat damage
  • Works with Work Sharp™ models WS2000 and WS3000